About Us

Welltoc Sp. z o.o. is a Polish human resources agency with international activities in the field of recruitment and selection of employees on order of Employers. Our agency specializes in comprehensive recruitment and selection services of senior and middle rank staff for companies from different industries.

Our team of carefully selected and experienced executive search agents will find the appropriate candidate for you – efficiently, discretely and fast. Our work is based on the Direct Search and Executive Search methods, we successfully complete even the most demanding recruitment processes for specialist and managerial positions.

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The Employer

We will find for You the best employee

Our employees have many contacts in various industries, which in turn provides them with knowledge about candidates specializing in a given field. This has a substantial impact on the rate at which we can reach potential candidates and verify them via recommendations and references. Some industries are very closed off and for that reason, networking is a very important tool in the process implementation on this market.

Benefits For Your Company

Reaching Passive Candidates

Reaching passive candidates, who are not actively looking for work. Welltoc head-hunters, using the direct search method, contact mainly (though not only) people who are professionally active, i.e. holding a good job at the time and therefore not looking at job offers (passive candidates). These are often well paid, high-class specialists, who would be welcomed with open arms by many industry rivals.

Maximizing the Chance to Recruit the Best Candidate

The fact that Welltoc reaches both active and passive candidates means that the Customer’s job offer, along with a package of information promoting their brand, will be communicated to a much larger group of people having the qualifications specified by the Customer. Larger range of activity means not only a larger chance to get the best candidates, but also an increased range of marketing activities, which include promoting the Customer on the job market.

Money Savings

Money savings resulting from the fact that, thanks to Welltoc providing employees with the highest qualifications and predispositions for the work, the Customer minimises the risk of having to repeat the recruitment process (e.g. after the lapse of the trial period), and therefore increases the chances of return on the investment in the employee.

Specialized Recruitment Tools

Using specialized recruitment tools, not usually employed by internal HR departments of our Customers, which are a staple for Welltoc headhunters.

Time Savings

Time savings resulting from the transfer of recruitment tasks to professional Welltoc head-hunters, who take over the burden of responsibility for obtaining the best Candidates on the market. Our Customer may use this time to focus on their key business activities.


The effectiveness of the direct search method implemented by Welltoc is confirmed by statistics. One of the indicators most important for the employer, is the level of rotation. In the case of ending cooperation with the employee recruited by our head-hunters, Welltoc may be obliged to execute the guarantee. We can boast that a request to conduct another recruitment under the guarantee is only submitted in 3% of all our projects.

The Candidate


Candidate Selection

Answering to our Customer’s demand, we perform a selection of candidates based on the guidelines connected with the candidate profile.


Telephone Conversation

If your candidacy meets the needs of our Customer, we will call you and provide basic information about the job offer. Your interest in a given offer is the crucial factor here. If you are still interested after receiving the information, we will schedule the next stage.



This means a meeting at the scheduled time, when we will be able to get a better sense of you personally, your experience and skills, as well as discuss the details of the job offer. The interview can have a form of a face to face meeting, a Skype conference or a telephone conversation based on an insightful structural interview. If you meet our Customer’s expectations, we will present them with your candidacy (recommendation).

It is an important element of the recruitment process, where the Customer will decide if they should hire you from amongst all the candidacies presented to them. The recruitment stages directly at the Customer’s offices are subject to internal recruitment procedures, most often these are 2-3 individual meetings or group sessions, meant to assess your skills and commitment in relation to getting a given job. At this stage you can count on our supervision.


Customer Decision and Feedback

The Customer chooses the best candidate in terms of their profile. We will give feedback in connection with the recruitment and inform you about the results.

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